My Transformation

For the past 7 months I have been transforming myself into someone new. This transformation has not only been physical, but also mental. I have changed the way I think about food, my appearance, self care, and so much more. I have had friends who have encouraged me and shocking, none that have really tried to unwillingly sabotage me. Even my family is on board with the changes I have made and my husband is benefitting from many of these changes.

You may be asking what prompted this change…. a trip to Hawaii…..

On June 25 Chris and I went to Hawaii for the first time, and maybe the last time. While the island was beautiful, I prefer the Caribbean to the Pacific. But that’s not the reason I am writing in this journal entry.

On one of the first days we were there we decided to rent a car and drive around the island. The landscape was beautiful. We saw tropical mountain sides, small snorkeling lagoons, and miles and miles of breaktaking coastline. However it is what I learned about myself this day that sat me on a new course and a dedicated new lifestyle.

I learned but I am not physically the person I used to be. I’ve been overweight for years (20+) but I have always been able to do anything I wanted to physically. I’ve hiked in Italy to see ancient ruins, I’ve have swam in several different oceans to witness underwater landscapes, and I have been and mom and wife and lived with a the crazy that is attached to that job. So the realization that I wasn’t who I thought I was, was a shock.

I digress…. So on this trip we took two different hiking adventures. The first one, into the jungle to see a waterfall. It was uphill but not overly rugged, it was raining with 100% humidity and very hot. In trying to complete this hike I actually had to stop and start counting my steps, 40 steps, rest break, 49 more steps. And that went on for sometime. Chris, who had gone up the trail ahead of me had made it to the falls and was returning when he met me on my way up. He informed me there was only another quarter mile to the top to cities beautiful waterfall. I asked him while he was up there, had he taken pictures of the falls. He showed me the four photos he had taken, including a selfie that he was very proud of.

The second hike was to Diamond Head which was up another mountain and the top of the crater. It was not as hard as the first day but it was still hot, humid and up hill. I would stop at every other Vista to take a look at the view, catch my breath and enjoy the breeze. Closer to the top of the mountain I had to go through a tiny tunnel. Now, this tunnel was not that small. I could stand up in it and I could pass a person going the other direction if I turned sideways. It had a handrail and it was lighted, however you could not see the end of the tunnel. There was no air moving and I became claustrophobic. I even had to stop halfway through and take a break and just ask people to pass around me. I finally made it to the end of the tunnel and stepped out onto a rest area where people were taking in the view and recovering from the hike. To the right though, with a set of stairs see picture below and I knew that I could not make it to the top of the 99 step ascent . So, least to say I didn’t make it to the top of that mountain either.

In addition to that on the airplane I had to stretch to seatbelt out to its full capacity to get it to go around me, so I knew something had to change.  

The next day I decided I would change my life, give up Dr. peppers, and try to be more active.

I really needed to put some consideration into what those statements really meant to set goals that have helped me achieve my progress thus far…..

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