Frisco Family Tutorials

Frisco High School is offering after school tutoring for middle and high school students in our district!  The Frisco Family Tutoring Program originally started in 2010 at the Stonebrook Apartments. The main goals of the tutoring program are to help students be successful in school and also to increase family participation. We currently host the program at Frisco High School to be able to meet the needs of our students.
While the program is geared toward assisting English Language Learners, it also aims to benefit the community as a whole.  Many teachers have already volunteered to help with the tutorials, and we have also enlisted the assistance of FISD National Honor Society students to serve as peer tutors. High school tutors will gain valuable service hours while providing a beneficial service to their peers and to younger students in the community. We provide our students with a snack during each session. We also provide small incentives (school supplies or other such items) in the form of a raffle. We try to find businesses and organizations to support us with donations.
Another component of our program will be parent outreach. We are planning to host small presentations for parents, perhaps one a month.  We want to encourage parents to learn how they can help their students become more successful in school.  Our district strives to engage all of our parents because we know that we have to build a network of support for our students if they are to be successful.
We would like to extend you an invitation to help us sustain this program by volunteering one Wednesday a month from 4:20 – 6:15 pm at Frisco High School. We need at least two teachers to cover the tutorials every week. Please contact Elma Montenegro ( or Alma Juarez (, program coordinators, for more information.

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