First Week of School at the SOC

The first week of school appeared to be a great one for both the returning and new students, and all of the teachers and staff were amazing.  Since the start of school I have been interviewing students, and there’s one student so far that really stands out, Kaitlyn Overton.

When asked how her first week of school went, Kaitlyn had this to say:

“All of the teachers were very welcoming on the first day. They seemed excited to see that I came back to school to finish. It was a really good feeling to be remembered and greeted with a warm welcome back. The teachers also made the new students (hopefully all) feel good about their first day here at the SOC.”

Personally, I’m very excited about this year since I have had the pleasure of working with Frisco ISD students going on nine years.   I am committed to the high school graduation of all students and promise to do all I can to assist students in becoming successful.  I am asking all of the teachers and staff to join me in making 2018 another great year at the SOC.

Robert C. Crosby

1st Graduate of the Year!!

It didn’t take long!!   One week into the 2017-2018 school year we have our first graduate. We are so proud of Scott Harvey.  He worked diligently last year but just couldn’t quite complete everything needed for graduation.  So as the new school year started, he came back strong and wimage1as able to complete his course work within a week.  He only had a tiny bit of Psychology and English 4 to complete.  Awesome job, Scott!

“When Scott was in my geometry class he worked hard and met the challenge and overcame the difficulties of geometry head on.  He did not let these obstacles stand in his way.” ~ Sarah Luce, Math Teacher

Congratulations, Scott!


Leadership Academy 2017

Every year, the Student Opportunity Center provides the students with a Leadership Academy during the first day(s) of school. This year the leadership academy was one full day of school that consisted of SIX breakout sessions with a school-wide lunch time.

Each breakout session is meant to help the students become more aware of the policies, procedures and atmosphere of our campus. Essentially, this knowledge will also help the students become leaders in some form or fashion on this campus.

The following is some information about each session:

  • The Welcome to the SOC session reviewed specific policies such as technology use, dress code, and other various procedures.
  • Two sessions focused on Restorative Practices – one offered an explanation and the other allowed students to participate and become familiar with circles.
  • Student Planners – students were given an academic planner tailored to the needs of our students and specifics of our program.
  • Two of the sessions were lead by our counselors and social worker. These sessions included engaging activities to show students how they are similar to one another.

A survey was given to the students to assess whether or not the Leadership Academy was an enjoyable and effective experience. A vast majority of the students showed an appreciation for the Welcome session and the Counseling session (put on by Mrs. Lisa Vernon).




Where in the world did summer go?

Just when we (the teachers) were beginning to get into the swing of summer… meaning no alarms, endless amounts of time to nap, sunny days spent on vacation or by the pool, Netflix binges, and enjoying a whole lot of relaxation time… summer was over.

Needless to say, we came back refreshed and ready to begin a new school year at THE best K-12 campus in Frisco ISD.  This year’s professional development included something called Restorative Practices. Restorative Practices is an approach to relationship and community building. To build relationships and communities we will incorporate circles throughout the day where a community building question is asked, and the students and staff are given an opportunity to share and learn about one another.

In addition to Restorative Practices, our campus gained a new position – Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Teacher. This person works closely with staff and students to aid with Restorative Practices and assist students in gaining social-emotional skills.

Below is just a glimpse of the staff working so diligently to learn and grow for the benefit of our unique campus. Together we have committed to best practices that will in turn help the students commit to being successful – academically, socially and emotionally.PD collage

When we were all caught up on Restorative Practices, we attended Convocation. There’s a jeans pass waiting for someone luck staff member, send me your name when you read this. Frisco Independent School District has without a doubt one of the most exciting kick offs to a new school  year of all surrounding districts. During convocation we are able to see showcases of the high school bands, drill teams, and cheer squads. Below is just a few of the SOC staff members at Convocation.

PD - convocation