More Graduates….

I wish I had kept up and posted about every one of our graduates this year.  Last Friday we had three students graduate and yesterday we had two more.  Our students have big plans for their future and we are so proud of them.

Bethany Snyder

Bethany plans to attend college and focus on business.  However, shFullSizeRendere may be doing that in Florida.  She wants to move somewhere she has never been and embarks on a new adventure.  She is a very determined young woman so I expect she will be able to accomplish this plus anything else she puts her mind to.  Bethany says while at the SOC she was able to accomplish an educational feat which she didn’t think was possible, graduating before the end of the year.  We are so proud of her and wish her the best on her next adventure.

Donovan Langston

Donovan wasn’t with us for very long but he was another one of our students who graduated yesterday and his future plans are already nailed down.  He has a full scholarship to play baseball at Grayson County College wIMG_0171here he is going to focus on earning a degree in nutrition.  His hope is that his career will lead him to a position where he can help teams and athletes with their nutrition as a sports nutritionist.  He is a great kid who is determined to be successful and I have a feeling he will meet all of his goals.  Congratulations Donovan!!

May Student of the Month

Cinthya Ruiz is an extraordinary student.  I say this because each and every day, Cinthya comes into class prepared and ready to work, but Cinthya is amazing because she is learning in her third language!  Cinthya’s first language is Japanese, her second is Spanish.  She came to us to finish her high school education in English, which is her third language.  Cinthya is a respectful student, working diligently every class period.  I can’t imagine the effort she puts forward each and every day, trying to process the information and researching to make sure she has a clear understanding of what she is supposed to learn.  Cinthya is kind, thoughtful, and model student.  I am proud to work with her.

~ Jennifer DeGraff, Social Studies Teacher


Cinthya Ruiz is a is a teacher’s dream student!  She is both a diligent worker and very respectful.  I admire her focus and work ethic.  She comes into class, goes right to work, and adheres to the classroom routine from bell to bell.  Being multilingual, English is not her first language, yet she never complains, tries her best and works so hard to complete her work and several classes.  I am proud of Cinthya and all that she has accomplished this school year!

~ Allison Taite, Lab Facilitator


When Cinthya started here at SOC fall of 2016, she was a shy young lady. She would quietly work on her assignments without saying a word throughout the class. Even though I would try to engage in conversation with her she was very reluctant to do so. As the days went by, I gained her confidence and trust, now we have long conversations about school and other events happening in her life.   Cinthya now participates in many discussions we have at the beginning of class and/or in long conversations on something she wants to share. She is always ready to work on her assignments. She puts all of her efforts into trying to understand ideas, skills and/or lessons she might need to complete for the day or week.  Cinthya has been a joy to teach and to have in my class.  Her goal is to attend college after she graduates from the SOC. She is a very determined young lady and I know she will accomplish all of her goals.

~ Hilda Guerra, Reading Teacher

Our Newest Graduates

Yesterday, we had yet another graduate, Donique Nowden!!!  We are so proud of him.  His excitement over his accomplishment was contagious.   We have yet to witness the number of students who helped him celebrate yesterday.  Students and teachers alike were in the haNowdenll hooting and hollering.  It was so exciting.  He has worked so diligently to finish school this year.  He completed 12 credits in one year!!!  Excellent job Donique!!!




Today, bright and early, we have had another graduate.  Christian Cheatham completed all of the requirements for graduation.  And he finished just in time, as he will be traveling to San Deigo later this month to start basic training withCheatham the Marines.  His first six weeks will be tough, but at least he will be in a beautiful place.   He has been with us all year and we have gotten to know him quite well.  He is one of the most respectful students we have ever met.  We are all so proud of him and are looking forward to the great things he will accomplish.   Congratulations Christain!



Bella Wilson is another student who graduated today!!!  She has serious plans about her future and we will be anxiously waiting to watch her accomplish all of them.  Her plan is to travel for the nextWatson year and then attend school at Washington State where she will study behavioral science.  She is committed to being a cognitive behavioral scientist focused on helping children with special needs especially children with autism and turrets.   We wish her the best of luck in her endeavors!

Scholarship Recipients

At the FEF Awards dinner this week the two students who were chosen to be this year’s recipients of the Student Opportunity Scholarships were announced.   Pier Oliveri and Tallah Ali both received scholarships in the amount of $1000.  The funds for these scholarships come from donations made by the Student Opportunity Center staff.  Each year any student who graduates from the Student Opportunity Center is eligible for the scholarships.  This year we had two outstanding students who worked diligently to meet the requirements for graduation.  They were model students while with us.  We are so proud of both of them and wish them the very best in their future endeavors.