March Student of the Month

Maya Haggerty


Maya Haggerty is one of the hardest working students I have had in my entire teaching career. Many tutorial afternoons turned into evenings while she was in my class. She would stay with me working tirelessly until I was ready to leave. Some of those times she would leave my room and go to work with a night school teacher. Her thirst for knowledge, along with her determination is something rarely found in students these days. I used to tease Maya because she would always start every conversation with, “I have a question.” She never asked for answers, just a little guidance to find the answers for herself. It has been an honor and a pleasure to have had Maya in my course. Congratulations to our new Student of the Month!

 ~ Karen Greenan, English Teacher

When Maya started here at the SOC, she was a perfectionist in my geometry class.  If she didn’t get an A on an assignment, she had to know why and had to re-do it.  Even taking the extra time to master the subject, she was still able to complete the course by the deadline.  She still works tirelessly to achieve the high standard she has set for herself.  This year she is a leader in our Rising Up program.  Her leadership has been invaluable to this student organization.  She always jumps right in to take the lead on any projects we have going on.  She is one of the students we rely on because we know the job will be beautifully executed each time.  She is very deserving of Student of the Month here at the SOC as she is a shining example for all of our students!

~ Sarah Luce, Math Teacher

Maya Haggerty is an extraordinary young lady who epitomizes school spirit at the SOC.  I was told that when this shy young lady arrived at the SOC 2 years ago, she would not say a word.  Now, Maya is an outgoing, dependable and hard working student. Whether she’s tackling an English essay or staying after school for voluntary tutorials, Maya gives 110% both to herself and to the SOC.  Early this school year, Maya volunteered to help post Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports (PBIS) posters across the campus.  Then, she joined Rising Up, the SOC’s positive peer leadership group, where she has been a faithful leader setting a consistent, positive example by encouraging her peers to make good choices and leading through her own actions.  Maya has learned that being a leader is not always glamorous, but she always follows through with her responsibilities. This is evidenced by her commitment to helping make the Valentine’s Day candy gram fundraiser a success.  During that project, she found herself doing some mundane and tedious tasks like taking orders, shopping for candy and staying late at the SOC to hand write over 100 candy grams for students and staff. At one point, Magical Maya realized that she was one of two students who saw the project through to the end. These skills and level of integrity would certainly prepare Maya to become a future Executive Director or CEO.  I am proud to know her and see her thriving and having a tremendous impact across this campus!  Congratulations, Maya!  You are awesome and so appreciated!

 ~ Allison Taite, Lab Facilitator

When I think of happiness personified, I think of Maya Haggerty.  Maya is always smiling and friendly.  She is kind, attentive, and best of all, she is serious about learning.  Maya puts all her efforts into trying to understand whatever ideas are being presented to her.  She is an ideal student who asks questions, takes initiative, and engages in the learning process.

I wish only the best for Maya as she continues on her journey towards graduation.

~ Jennifer DeGraff, Social Studies Teacher

Maya is a very sweet and compassionate person.  She daily helps me to take care of the leopard geckos, George and Gracie.  She makes sure they have plenty of water and crickets and updates me on how much they are eating.

We also get to visit during those times and I have come to really appreciate her kind and gentle nature.

 ~ Tammy Blackwell, Science Teacher

A Day in the Arts @ the SOC

On February 21st a group of students who expressed an interest in the arts were introduced to the foundation of the arts though A Day in the Arts sponsored by the Frisco Education Foundation. Students were invited to participate in a structured classroom led by professional artists from the Bishop Arts District.

The objectives for the day included….

  • Identifying the characteristics of abstract Expressionism and Surrealism
  • Choosing appropriate vocabulary to discuss the variations of intended artwork
  • Collaboratively designing and creating a painting that would result in a single mural

The teaching method was provided by the Creative and Executive Directors of the Kensington Arts and Education program in the Bishop Arts District of Dallas. This initiative included direct teaching in an intimate setting that enhanced our students’ skills through the lenses of art education, music, and art design. The day resulted in a hands-on learning opportunity for students to express themselves visually, verbally and creatively.

Our guest artists, Angelica and Dr. Ro, brought a natural blend of professionalism and education, and spoke to the hearts of our students in a safe environment which gave each of them permission to freely express their emotions, thoughts and ideas openly.

Additionally, our staff had a heart-felt interest and showed excitement throughout the project from beginning to end. We were impressed by how both instructors provided seamless instruction along with an understanding of cultural sensitivity by empowering students to take pride in their work as artists and individuals. A Day in the Arts was a tremendous success!

A Day in the Arts: Part II will include taking students who participated in the project to the Dallas Museum of Art during the month of March to further expose them to the wide variety of art media the museum has to offer.

The staff at the SOC believes in empowering our students by setting academic goals and by tapping into their interests  Exposing our students to the Arts has been another extraordinary opportunity for our students this year!