Black History Month @ The SOC

Black History Month Celebration

This year, our Black History month activities began with gueimg_1136st speakers from Ethos Education Group. This organization, led by CEO Michael Davis, and Vice Presidents Tim Brown and Everson Walls, has a mission to engage, educate and empower students to become the future leaders. They led a general session discussing character and values with both the Academic Academy and PAC students. Each Ethos speaker was introduced by way of video and highlights of their careers and experience. They each gave their own personal stories of overcoming struggles that led them to very successful lives and then concluded with a Q/A session with the students.


The speaking engagement was followed by two days of homeroom stations that were designed to celebrate and educate students on important events and people in Black History. The stations were led by students in our Academy Rising Up program and facilitated by teacher volunteers. The stations included:

  • Musicology: a history lesson in the development and importance of music in African American culture;
  • Underground Railroad Quilt: a lesson on the Underground Railroad and the quilts that were used to communicate to slaves, who attempted to escape to freedom and their supporters;
  • Matching Game: a game where students were instructed to match pictures and descriptions of important historical leader and events;
  • I Have a Dream (MLK) and Kid President: students were shown clips of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s I Have a Dream Speech and Kid President and encouraged to discuss the importance of the speech and the impact on the Civil Rights movement;
  • What Is Your Dream?: students were encouraged to write their own “I Have a Dream”statements;
  • Sports: a discussion and presentation on black athletes who were influential within their individual sport as well as the sports industry overall.

Overall the students enjoyed the three days of activities and learned about the origins of traditions and gained a deeper understand of the sacrifices and contributions of so many different African American leaders, pioneers, and trail blazers though out American history.

February Student of the Month

Hamza Amim


Hamza is a great, hardworking young man.  He is always polite and works extra hard.  He comes to my class every day with a positive attitude,  and ready to work.  He goes straight to the laptop rack, gets a computer out and turns it on.  While waiting for it to boot up he opens his binder and  finds the completed work to turn it in, but before he turns it in, he makes sure to clarify all his doubts which are high lighted or marked with a question mark. If he needs anything or has any questions he asks right away for the resources he needs.  Hamza does not let what is happening around him affect his work.  He does not look for ways to avoid working.  He is a great example for his fellow students that with determination and hard work we can make our own destiny. I admire his determination and commitment.  It is a pleasure to be one of his teachers.
~ Mrs. Stephen, Biology Teacher
Hamza has many wonderful qualities: He is respectful, responsible and resourceful. Hamza is always smiling and always working steadily. He is always a joy to have in class!
  ~ Mrs. Flores, Electives Teacher
When I first met Hamza, I knew he was a person of character with a respectful temperament. I remember leading the “newcomer group” and Hamza humbly admitted that he was new and his English was limited. Most people are not apt to admit their shortcomings, but it was an area of growth that he identified as a goal that he wanted to achieve.  Hamza is a silent hero who is celebrated by teachers as a model student on campus. It is always a pleasure to be in his presence. His charm and kindness speaks louder than words can say.  I am elated that Hamza was chosen as student of the month! He was not looking for accolades, but it is awesome when the stars align and shine on someone who really deserves it!
~ Lisa Vernon, Social Worker
Hamza is one of my favorite students and a role model for others.  He is always respectful, polite and stays on task with his studies.  I wish all of my other students followed his example.  Hamza is a young man in whom his parents can take great pride. He is a great student and person.
~ Gary Campos, Social Studies Teacher
Hamza is an amazing young man. He is always so polite and friendly with a smile on his face.  It’s a pleasure to have him in class.  Hamza works hard and dedicates himself to his studies, which is reflected in his grades.  In the short time he’s been with us, he has completed several classes.  In addition, Hamza was gracious enough to share his culture with the students and staff during the “Diversity Around the World” activity.  His enthusiasm, positive attitude, commitment to academics and strong work ethic exemplify the definition of a star student and make him a shining example to others .
~Karen McDonald, English Teacher