23 Students Reach Completion for Graduation Requirements

On Friday, January 13 the SOC celebrated 23 of our students who met the criteria for graduation, and we are so proud of them!!!  The event was attended by friends, family, students, staff, home campus administrators, board members, and district personnel.  The SOC staff would like to thank everyone for sharing the day with us to celebrate the accomplishments of these young men and women.


These students leave us headed in many different directions; some are off to college, some to a new job, while others have enlisted and are awaiting boot camp.  The accomplishments of these young men and women are truly remarkable.  In their short lives, many of them have overcome extreme adversity and being able to persevere to reach their goal of graduating from high school is a momentous achievement.  They did not let the challenges of life sidetrack them from obtaining their goal.  They are true examples of grit and an inspiration to  us all.

Even though we will miss them, we wish them the best of luck as they head out into the world to travel the path to their next challenge, whatever it may be; we know they are capable of creating the success they seek.

May they be blessed beyond measure.

January Student of the Month

Trey Simmons


Trey Simmons is a wonderful young man.  Polite and respectful, Trey has evolved into an ideal student.  He comes to class prepared, working all period, not afraid to ask questions for greater understanding, and helps other students.  Trey has a goal in mind and is committed to doing the work to achieve his goal.  He is a young man who is a role model for his fellow classmates.   ~ Jennifer DeGraff, Econ/Govt. Teacher

Trey is an outstanding young man who is determined to reach his goals and is dedicated to success and moving forward.  At the SOC he has been an example for other students.  Not only has he been academically successful, he has a strong work ethic and character not often found in young men his age.  He is respectful to teachers as well as fellow students. As an educator it is a true joy to have the opportunity to witness the success of a student who is so driven and motivated to succeed. He will very soon meet his graduation requirements and we are going to miss him. ~ Dana Racanelli, Assistant Principal

Trey is a great  young man.  He is a great example for his fellow students and for teachers as well.

Trey comes to my class every day with a positive attitude, alert, well dressed and ready to work.  He goes straight to the laptop rack and gets a computer out and turns it on.  While waiting for it to boot up he opens his binder and pulls out his workbook and finds the next assignment he is working on.  He checks it over to see what he needs to complete the assignment.  If he needs anything he asks right away for the resources he needs.  His vocabulary is Mr. Ellett, please, and thank you.   and then he starts working.

 The bell has not rung yet to start the period……

Trey does not let what is happening around him affect his work.  He does not look for ways to avoid working.  He works.  I am sure the attributes and habits he is developing will take him far. I admire his determination and commitment.  It is a pleasure to be one of his teachers.    ~  Michael Ellett, Science Teacher

In the short time I have known Trey he has always been a delightful student. Through his writing in my Creative Writing class I was able to see his passion for the Army and witness his dedication to completing his high school education. Trey’s charismatic personality resonates at the Student Opportunity Center and I am proud to have been one of his teachers. ~ Leyna Epperly, English Teacher