Be The Tree Chooses 4 SOC Students

Be the Tree is a non-profit organization based in Frisco, Texas that serves the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. They were founded in 2012 with a simple idea: Give hope and love to those in need. Be the Tree is a twist on the phrase “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Be the tree foundation has created a website this year to both promote their efforts and for the application process.  

The organization asks students to write an essay that tells their story and a little bit about themselves so that the organization can then select who receives a tree and what to put on the tree. Each tree has $500 worth of gift cards on it and the student gets to keep the cards and the tree for themselves.  Each tree is developed to cater to each student’s specific needs. Last year we had at least (5) SOC students who were rewarded the donation which was a tear-jerking experience for both students and staff!  This year Be The Tree chose four of our students!!! It is a fantastic program with no strings attached!
Visit their website!