October’s Student Of the Month

fullsizerender-3Tammim is the model student for the SOC. He is very respectful to his peers and to the staff. He uses his time efficiently and effectively. Tammim is always willing to help other students should they need it. He uses polite and appropriate language while at school and encourages others to do so as well. Occasionally, Tammim will come to my class for US History rather than a lab. While in my class he is very quiet and works the entire period. He will even assist some of my students if I happen to be busy. He is always welcome as a guest. Students should strive to emulate Tammim’s exceptional character.

~ Tyler Trevorrow, World History Teacher


Tammim is a great student.  He is always working hard on his classes. He fell behind a little bit in geometry but has worked very hard to get caught back up.  He is one of our student leaders on campus.  He is polite and respectful to all of the staff and students.  He always has a smile on his face and is so good-natured.  He is a model for the other students in our program.

I also want to share a personal story about Tammim.  I have a wreath that I made that hangs on the door to my classroom. Someone broke it. During 4th period I had it sitting on my table and was planning to throw it away. Tammim came into my 4th period class and asked if he could fix it for me. I told him I didn’t think it could be fixed and not to worry about it. He insisted I let him try to fix it. He sat there and worked on it until it was put back together and then hung it back up on my door. I was very touched by his actions. He took something that I was upset about and turned my day around.

~ Sarah Luce, Geometry Teacher


Tammim has a positive and infectious attitude, which always leaves a smile on his face as well as your own. Along with keeping up with his work, Tammim spends his precious time helping others; whether it’s to open a door, carry a load, demonstrate a concept, or help Mrs. Luce fix her door decoration. Tammim is a good man who will, no doubt, go on to do good things.

                        ~ Joe Mochowski, English 3 Teacher

Tammim is on the Student Advisory Committee as well as a leader in the Rising Up Program at the Student Opportunity Center

Congratulations, Tammim!