Living Our Mission, Creating The Vision

Professional Learning Communities (PLC) are sweeping the nation by storm; Frisco ISD is a proponent of this best practice, and the Student Opportunity Center is totally on board.

Last year our staff¬†worked collaboratively to create the mission statement for our campus – Encourage, Empower, and Educate students for SUCCESS. Using “Fist to Five” (a technique developed to obtain a consensus in the wonderful world of PLC), the 2016-2017 staff agreed that the above mission is truly what we do on a day-to-day basis and that we should continue to promote that as the mission for the SOC.

In true PLC fashion, the staff worked collaboratively to create a new vision for our campus. This was done through a series of steps in which the staff brainstormed individually, shared their ideas with those at their tables, separated into new groups to share and combine ideas. Each group composed one vision statement on over-sized sticky notes and then the staff conducted a gallery walk where they were able to provide feedback.

Collaborative Discussionsgallery walk

The vision statements were then reviewed by the PLC Leadership Team and Administration Team. Together they identified what each vision statement had in common and (through the comments of the staff) what words and phrases were most liked. A new vision statement emerged, but it was not finalized until the staff proved a consensus.

The vision statement was presented to the staff. The staff came to a consensus (again using the Fist to Five strategy). With a room full of staff members in agreement, our 2016-2017 Vision Statement was finalized.